EJC 2010 day 7 – Friday 30th July

Friday. My last day of organizing the open stage shows.

Question of the afternoon. I needed sleep. Should I sleep through the games or the RDL show? I chose to watch the games, but regretted it. Worst EJC games in 10 years!!!

Although reports from the RDL show indicate I might have fallen asleep during the RDL show anyway.

After the open stage, I had no responsibilities until going home, so I pulled out all the stops for dancing and partying.

The party moved to the hill, and Declan ran a spontaneous renegade show that resulted in Luke drinking too much rum and tequila!

EJC 2010 day 6 – Thursday 29th July

Day 6, and my life is revolving around organizing shows and performing in them. This can be great fun, but the heat is getting to me. 37 degrees, and the hottest day in the history of Finland!

Today: the third open stage, and Fight Night, plus associated meetings and technical setups and stress. It’s worth it in the end, as a thousand people get a good show or two.

Other shows took place, with Luke Wilson and Sakari Mannisto and Jay Gilligan (with Eric). I didn’t see much, as I tried to take time off when not organizatering.

I’ve failed at one of my 50 goals of the year. I didn’t win either the Berlin or EJC fight night. Second and third place respectively.

EJC 2010 day 5 – Wednesday 28th July

Instead of going straight to bed, I stayed up playing combat, then chatting, and then uploaded my photos. By that time I decided to see the end of Rumpole’s 26 hour show. I realize that means there are photos of his show over three days on my convention coverage!

Next: Open stage technical setup. No stress. Luke Wilson is cool.

Next: Massage. Good stuff.

Next: Special show from Shake That. I only caught the end of it due to my massage.

Next: Finish Youth Circus. I didn’t see any more than a few photo’s worth.

Next: Pizza!

Next: Running Open stage. Pretty weird selection of acts, but zero stress. Eric and Komei rocked it!

Next: Hanging out. Renegade for a few minutes. Then more hanging out. Until 6am. Damn!

EJC 2010 day 4 – Open stage show and Compagnie Ea Eo

When I got to my hotel to go to bed, I found that breakfast was already served, and many guests were up and about. I took some food up to my room to eat when I woke up.

Tech run for open stage… fine. I only remembered to take photos when Stefan Sing got on stage. In the afternoon I slept, and missed my massage appointment.

Next up, Compagnie Ea Eo with a show called m2. Awesome. I cried twice.

Next, the open stage. I was going to host, but was ill (hungover). Hans offered to host a show at some point in the week, so I asked him to step in for me at the last minute. I forgot to take photos until the final act… Stefan Sing again. 280 people watched online, and someone proposed to their girlfriend.

After the open stage, I rocked out at combat. That’s my day! Tonight I’m going to bed early.