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Tropical Islands 2015 Fight Night

At the Tropical Islands Invasion 2015, Jochen (DJ) Hänsel made it to his first ever Fight Night final at his first ever 250 point tournament. Luke Burrage, the defending champion, made it to his fifth final in a row, and … Continue reading

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Jugglers Park 2015 photos

See the Facebook Album for tagging, liking, commenting and sharing. Below are links to full resolution images with Creative Commons 3.0 License (attribution non-commercial). I love to read comments and feedback about my blog posts. Please email me, I reply … Continue reading

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Top 40 Jugglers of 2014

Part 1 – The Sounds: In which the juggling community tried to guess the jugglers and the videos that provided the samples I used in the soundtrack. Part 2 – Sounds and Pictures: The final video that I uploaded once … Continue reading

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Chocfest 2015 Fight Night

Congratulations to Johnny Malcolm for winning the Chocfest 2015 Fight Night. This is his second win in a row, a followup to his victory at the Cambridge 2014 Fight Night. Johnny beat Dan Wood in the final, the winner of … Continue reading

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