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5 3 4p 3 3p 3

Berlin jugglers trying a new pattern: Previously: 3p1 1p2 2 3 2p1 2 2 3 3

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club classroom #6: slide!

Previous club classroom videos: #4 club balance debalance and #5 floor bounce 423 #3 club slide to balance #2 club hit-launches #1 club squeeze catches

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Jugglers Park Open Stage 2014

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How Romantimatic

I read a blog post by Greg Knauss, the creator of an iPhone app called Romantimatic, an app “to remind the distracted or forgetful to text nice things to their significant other”. Sounds like a cool app, right? The blog … Continue reading

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Robot Table Tennis

Robots playing table tennis is obviously a hot topic of research at the moment. I thought we were going to have an IBM Deep Blue/Watson moment when I saw the trailer for a match between Timo Boll and high precision … Continue reading

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