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Random photos from Barbados

I tested out some new software and made a fun collage. These are some photos of people hitting the water after launching themselves from a swing at the Boat Yard, a beach bar in Barbados. None of the photos are … Continue reading

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The Art of Guruism (comment conversation)

I wrote a blog post about The Art of Non-Conformity. Chris, the owner of the website, obviously found out about it due to Google Alerts or something, and posted a comment. I emailed a response, but thought I’d post it … Continue reading

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Nigel Green vs Jesus (comment conversation)

Here on my blog I shared a podcast I recorded with Rym and Scott of the Geeknights podcast. In it we talk about the Jesus Myth Hypothesis, which looks at the character of Jesus as portrayed in the Bible, and … Continue reading

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Juggling in Brazil

Here are some clips from my latest trip, sailing up the Amazon. First, I juggled on either side of the equator, near the city of Macapa. The middle part is from a stop at a small village, and I put … Continue reading

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At the equator.

Macapa, Brazil is almost directly on the Equator. A 5 minute taxi ride from the city center is a monument on the Equator. There is also a football stadium with each half of the field in either hemisphere. I’ve crossed … Continue reading

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