Musical plans and goals in 2010.

” Write an album’s-worth of new songs and record them by the end of the year. ”

This was a huge goal, but it worked out really well. I interpreted it as meaning one song per month, and while I always fell behind, by the end of December I wrote over 12 songs.

The concept of recording the songs took on different meanings, as I never intended it to be a single album, with every song properly recorded and packaged as a whole. Instead I recorded some songs with a video camera and shared them on YouTube, other songs I did full pop production, some songs I made music videos for, and some I have on my laptop and have not yet shared on my blog or on YouTube or any other way.



Out of Reach and Out of Sight.

This (New Song For May).

Work It Out Yourself.

All Your Time.

Future Luke.

Still Hurting Me.

Light Side (Dark Side).

Written but not yet released:
I Like You.
Take Me To Zanzibar.
Speed of Dark.

A win, by the way.

” Write the music for Room.”

This tied in with my big theatre project for the year, and that was largely fail, this part would be too. But I did actually work quite a bit on the music this project, and for the video I released, I made sure the music was a large part of it. Win.

” Buy a five string bass guitar and learn to rock.”

Fail. Maybe one day. Now I want to buy a piano, after playing them a lot more on cruise ships while writing songs per month.

Wins for this section: two out of three. I’m happy with that.

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