New art from Jeremy Geddes on my wall.

A few months ago I spotted a Facebook update by Jeremy Geddes about a new painting he had just completed. When I saw it for the first time I knew I just had to have it! It is called “A Perfect Vacuum”, named for a science fiction story by Stanislav Lem.

I was lucky enough to buy a copy, as the limited edition prints sold out in about 2 minutes. If you check out Jeremy’s website you’ll see that he doesn’t have a single print left for sale anywhere, so he obviously has plenty of other fans like me!

The size of the print is the same size as the original painting, which is perfect for art replication purposes, but the size is totally non-standard. I looked for a frame all over Berlin, but couldn’t find anything over a meter wide.

Thankfully my girlfriend has an old friend who works as a picture framer. He gave her a good deal, and as birthday present she took the print, delivered it to the framer, and yesterday came back with the final result.

Which is just amazing! Framing a print or painting like this is obviously just as much of an art as painting or photography or printing. Once I hung it on my wall, and pointed the little spotlights on my ceiling lamp in the right direction, it looked like it had been transplanted from an art gallery.

As this is my second print from Jeremy, I decided to hang “Redemption” near by. And of course now I want a professional frame for that too, but I think I’ll leave it as is. For now.

As a birthday gift, things don’t get much better. Thanks Juliane!

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