Trip maps

I travel a lot as a professional juggler, and as of this year I’ve visited every continent. If you want to see all (or most of) the places I’ve visited, I keep track using the footprints feature at


I’m also trying out a service at that lets you record and share your trips, so I’ve loaded up my next trip to South America:

I’ve been to all these destinations before (I’ve been to Buenos Aires and Montevideo more times than I care to count) but I’m looking forward to revisiting them all. For example, I’ve been to see the Magellanic Penguins and the Rock Hopper Penguins on the Falkland Islands, but not the King Penguin rookery.

On my trips page you can also find the route of my last trip which took me to East Africa, and earlier interesting trip routes. Eg. Pola and I went to Antarctica, and you can see exactly where we visited here:

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