Free album to download: Live and Suggestible

Album art from Live and Suggestible

You want a free album? Okay!

You can download it using this link, so right click and save:

Luke Burrage – Live and Suggestible.mp3

Live and Suggestible documents a song writing challenge proposed by Caroline Clifford and Paul Salamone at the We Are Not Gemüsed comedy show in Berlin; I ask for a topic suggestion from the audience, write the song, and then perform it for the first time the next time I’m back at Gemüsed. I accepted the challenge. I took 10 suggestions, wrote 10 songs, and performed those songs over 10 different shows.

The topic suggestions were, in order (along with the start location on the album):

  • Pubic Hair Removal – 1:45
  • Tomatoes – 6:45
  • Hipsters – 11:22
  • Quantum Physics / The Walk of Shame – 16:43
  • Misogyny in Comedy – 22:11
  • Penny Markt / Red Traffic Light – 27:15
  • Concrete – 33:48
  • Chernobyl – 37:59
  • Flies – 43:10
  • Schmoozing / Alzheimer’s Disease – 46:11

It’s a single mp3 file with a single track, coming in at about 75mb and 52 minutes. It’ll play on any computer or phone or device or even right here in your browser. Warning for young ears: many songs on this free album contain adult language and themes.

Album art from Bitterly Autobiographical

If you enjoy the free album, please help support my ongoing music and comedy output by purchasing my not-free album, Bitterly Autobiographical:

You can buy the album here on the iTunes store or buy it here on the Amazon MP3 store. If you really want a physical CD, buy it from me in person or email me. I can even sign it.

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