Karlsruhe 2014 Fight Night results

Thanks to Maarten Wils for organizing the Karlsruhe 2014 Fight Night! In its second year, this 500 point tournament upgraded to a full round-robin qualification (last year: open group combat qualification). Alexander Müller was seeded first, having beaten Jochen Pfeiffer to rack up an perfect qualification record.

But did Alex manage to beat Jochen again in the final? No.

1st place: Jochen Pfeiffer
2nd place: Alexander Müller – playing in his first knockout of the year after withdrawing from Berlin due to injury.
3rd place: Matty Schneider – a good result for Matty after losing in his first matches in both the Berlin and EJC Fight Nights.
4th place: Corinna Biedermann – didn’t accept a winning point at 2-2 in the third place match against Matty, which is good sportsmanship (sportspersonship?), but cost her the match.

All the other results and details can be found at the Karlsruhe 2014 page.

This brings Jochen’s 2013-2014 winning streak to 19 matches! And 28 matches in total going back to his last and only defeat in a straight knockout tournament in 2010, where he lost to Florian Marienfeld in the Berlin 2010 semi final.

Who will be the first to break the epic winning streak?

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