Some more photos of dogs.

I’m not sure why, but for the second day in a row, when out with the wide angle lens, dogs have presented themselves as good models. Maybe I just want to get close to the ground, and dogs are at the right kind of height. I popped down to museum island on the bike, mainly because I thought some fountains would be good subjects. Playing in the lustgarten fountain were a number of small dogs:

Unfortunately, this dog would never stay in a good position and look interesting. I’ve got a lot of great shots with the fountain and cathedral, but only with the dog kind of just hanging out. The only one where the dog was interesting, the framing was way off:

The Neptune Fountain (not interested in exposure levels, just getting stuff into the lens):

This dog looked very funny. The weird over-sized back end is only partially because of the wide angle lens… it really was weird and over-sized! Even the people leaving the train thought it looked strange as you can see from the photo:

That’s all for today. I’ll some more in a week, and hopefully have some images OF something, rather than just finding random shots as test subjects.

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