Photos: copying photos in Buenos Aires

After flying in from Miami, and getting to my hotel, I stayed in most of the day because of rain. Come 3:30pm the rain was clearing, I thought I’d head out on a walk, see if I could meet up with some jugglers at Plaza Francia. There was nobody there, so I continued on taking some photos.

I arrived at the huge robotic flower, the one that follows the sun throughout the day. As I’ve been trying out HDR photography, I thought I’d try to get a good shot. Back when I first read up on HDR, I found many links to Trey Radcliffe’s blog, called Stuck In Customs. The first image of his I remember seeing was of this very same landmark, but it was many months ago, so couldn’t remember the details.

Here’s one shot from today that I like, with the info plaque in the foreground:

Flower and plaque.

Of course I wanted a better shot, so found a better location and angle and style. Click, click, click… and I was done. I went on to take some less obvious photo angles, which I’ll share later.

When I got back to the hotel I worked on the HDR and other processing for the interesting photos from the day, and set them to upload. As I did this, I decided to search for “Buenos Aires” on Trey Radcliffe’s blog, just to see what he’d done.

I was surprised how similar the two photos turned out…

My photo:
My photo.

Trey’s photo:
Trey's photo.

I guess there are two reasons they turned out so similar:

1. I subconsciously copied a photo I’d seen once months before. This might have happened because, as I said, this was an early example of HDR (for me). Maybe it stuck with me.

2. Or, more likely, this is just the best angle and location to take a photo of that huge flower. I’ve been there a few times before, and have walked around it many times, so know the angles already. And today men were setting up tents and Christmas decorations, so my options were limited. I took for this shot, and Trey took his shot, because the foreground is the most interesting, the camera is at the best height, the background has the least building (though we both edited out the same pylon), the angle of the flower is the most interesting… pity I was there just after a rainstorm, and Trey was there in the sun.

And now, a trip down memory lane…

Last year I was in Buenos Aires, I visited the Planetarium. I remembered a photo of some fellow interneteers I’d seen on a forum on the internet, and decided to recreate the photo featuring myself instead, but purely from memory.



I got the angle wrong, but the direction and location was pretty much spot on. The similarities between this second set of photos were intentional, but off, while the first set of photos were accidentally similar, and far closer to each other.

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