Photos: mountains. Update: Illness.

What Mount Osorno looked like this time:
Mount Osorno

What Mount Osorno looked like back in March:
Mount Osorno

Yesterday I took a walk around Punta Arena, the southernmost city in Chile. Man, that is one ugly place to visit! I took a few photos, but it’s hard to find an interesting shot. I may talk more about it in the future, as I’ve not yet moved the photos over to my laptop.

When I got back to the ship, I was feeling tired, and not very hungry, so I decided to have a bit of a sleep. When I woke up, I had to rush to the toilet for a series of diarrhea blasts and vomit lunges. Yup, the gastrointestinal norovirus struck me down.

Funnily enough, when I went to the Christmas Eve crew party, found myself in a huge room on deck three, surrounded by 500 crew, all hugging each other and kissing each other (on the cheek), and I turned to someone (I can’t remember who) and said something like “Wow, this place is a swirling morass of norovirus vectors.” Statement = true!

So I was quarantined to my room for 24 hours. And I took pills and got an injection in my arse. And at nothing but a plate of rice in all that time. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, not even opening my eyes long enough to watch a film. I couldn’t read either, though that might have been down to my current book not being very good. So all I did was lay on my back, try not to think about crying, crying, sleeping, and dreaming.

I had one of those weird dream-within-a-dream dreams. Some strange things happened, but when I woke up I everything was fine, and Pola was next to me in bed, and I was back in Berlin, and life was good. And then I thought “wait a moment” and woke up for real. And I was in my cabin, alone, single, a good 12,000 km from Berlin, sick, and starving hungry all at the same time.

I did, however, feel a lot better this morning, and I spent the day thinking (good thoughts), sleeping (with good dreams) and writing (see previous blog post).

Due to the quarantine, I missed visiting Ushuaia, and having a Christmas steak dinner with the production show cast. That’s a real pity, but I’ll be back in Ushuaia in January. I’ll aim to eat steak then.

Here’s a photo from the last time I visited Ushuaia.

Opposite of what I felt last night.

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