Last photos of 2009: more Falklands wildlife

I’m just getting ready to leave the ship to go to the airport to fly home. In fact, I was ready hours ago, but for bullshit bureaucracy reasons I wasn’t allowed off the ship, and had to spend all day aboard. After about 24 hours of travel I’ll be home for the first time in almost 9 weeks. Yay!

Here’s some photos from the last upload of images to my South America album on Once I get home and start working on projects there I’ll post updates and photos of non-bird or sea-mammal subjects.

I’ve taken this same walk to Gypsy Cove twice in the past three weeks, plus once last March, and once back in 2007. The wildlife has become very familiar to me, and in the last two visits I’ve even recognized the same bird families over and over. The goslings have grown big, and the duck and penguin eggs have hatched. They make for very cute photos. I’ll be back in the Falklands in about a month, so I’ll see if I can catch up with the same families for a final time.

Also, the autofocus on my zoom lens, the one I use for the majority of wildlife photography, is broken. All of the following photos were taken with manual focus. I actually enjoy working that way, but I still might use this as en excuse to buy a new, non-shit zoom lens.

A sea bird
A sea bird. I have no idea what kind.

A small wreck.

Penguin and chicksPenguin and chicks in a burrow.

A family of ducks.
A family of ducks.

Magellanic Penguin
Magellanic Penguin

Sealion up close.
Sealion up close. Too close, actually, as it kept lunging at me, trying to bite me. I took this photo with a wide angle lens. So yeah, a bit too close for comfort.

That’s it! The end of a full two months of photos. I hope you’ve enjoyed the updates. See the whole album at

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  1. Mikey says:

    Your seabird is an Oystercatcher

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