New song video

This is a song I started writing on a beach in Ireland, back in 2006. I only just finished it today. One of my goals for 2010 is to write and record an album’s worth of songs, so to get myself into the project I decided to actually finish writing this one.

Here are some lyrics:
Watching the sun go down
Pretend there’s no one else around
Sitting Hand in hand
Pushing toes into the sand

And the birds skip out of reach
As the waves break on the beach
And the wind is blowing free
And sun kisses the sea

And there’s a whisper, hardly heard
It’s wonderful

A reflection in the eye
Of the sun at the edge of the sky
The blanket keeps the cold at bay
It’s the perfect way to end the day

As the sun dips out of sight
And the evening turns to night
And the clouds part overhead
And the stars shine down instead

And there’s a whisper, hardly heard,
It’s wonderful

Walking home now in the moonlight
There’s no hurry as the night’s sublime
Shooting star seen close to midnight
Make a wish, and make it good
Make it right
Make it count this time

Time is on your side
Time, time is on your side

And then finally fall asleep
And the dream is good to keep
And the dawn begins to break
And two lovers stir and wake

And there’s a whisper, hardly heard
you’re wonderful.

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