Photos: The Scale of Antarctica

It’s hard to judge the size of things in Antarctica. There is absolutely nothing man made with which to compare the ice covered mountains. No buildings or masts or pylons. Worse than that, there’s not even any trees or bushes or grass. There’s just rock and ice and snow and the sea. Nothing else. Mountains just loom over you, and you’re not sure if they are huge and close, or even huger and far away.

Until you see another ship between you and a glacier. The dome of ice in the background probably rises about 2000 meters.

Big mountain, small ship.

Zoom in a bit for a better view:

I took these two photos in the Gerlache Strait, the channel between the Antarctic Peninsular and Anver’s Island.

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2 Responses to Photos: The Scale of Antarctica

  1. jani says:


    Just a general wow. There are parts of your life I really envy, and I’m writing this in Thailand after fleeing the 60-70 cm of snow in Finland. Your pics are very good, and the spectacular subjects make them even more interesting.

    Can we make wishes? “A day in the life of a juggler on a big boat” would be a great set of photos (or a video).

  2. Dedwarmo says:

    I imagine that I would love to visit Antarctica because I love traveling through terrain which is so huge it makes me feel small. When I was a truck driver I was able to drive across places like Arizona and Nevada where the only signs of human life are the telephone poles and pavement. I immensely enjoyed visiting the Grand Canyon, too. That’s a place that makes you feel small. The only problem I would have with Antarctica is the cold. That’s a big problem.

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