My song for March: Out of Reach and Out of Sight

In my list of 50 goals and plans for 2010 I wrote “6.1 Write an album’s-worth of new songs and record them by the end of the year…” which I’m interpreting as one song per month.

Here is the song from March. It’s called Out of Reach and Out of Sight.

It’s been a slow burner, as far as writing is concerned, and I don’t consider it quite finished as yet. I had the music composed by the end of March, and had the feel for the lyrics, but I hit a wall. I had lots of inspiration on different topics, but none fit this music. The current lyrics are about a secret relationship, but as it sometimes takes me years to finish the lyrics of a song, it might not stay that way.

I recorded it now because I’m leaving this ship tomorrow, going home, and then taking all of May off work. That means I’ll be back to the guitar, and have no easy access to a piano. I wrote the February song on a piano, then recorded it with a guitar. This time I wanted to capture how the song sounds in my head when I wrote it.

Actually, in my head there are drums and bass too. And someone better at singing than I am. And a better pianist too.

Maybe I should start a band.

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