EJC 2010 day 4 – Open stage show and Compagnie Ea Eo

When I got to my hotel to go to bed, I found that breakfast was already served, and many guests were up and about. I took some food up to my room to eat when I woke up.

Tech run for open stage… fine. I only remembered to take photos when Stefan Sing got on stage. In the afternoon I slept, and missed my massage appointment.

Next up, Compagnie Ea Eo with a show called m2. Awesome. I cried twice.

Next, the open stage. I was going to host, but was ill (hungover). Hans offered to host a show at some point in the week, so I asked him to step in for me at the last minute. I forgot to take photos until the final act… Stefan Sing again. 280 people watched online, and someone proposed to their girlfriend.

After the open stage, I rocked out at combat. That’s my day! Tonight I’m going to bed early.

EJC 2010 day 3 – Monday 26th July

Today I mainly went about organizing the open stages for Tuesday through Friday. Also, during the afternoon, I saw a few parts of the Fins and Friends show. The first and last act were variable/tedious, but Tony Pezzo (Wes Peden’s Mini Me) performed an engaging ring juggling number.

I also watched the Finish Open Stage Show. The highlight for me wasn’t the acts on stage, but chatting with the people watching the live at EJC2010.org/live – At one point there were 180 people watching from all over the world.

Also today I stocked up on alcohol from a supermarket. This came in handy in the evening, after the shows, when various 23rd birthday parties took place. Okay, just one. But then the party moved to the lake, and I think it is still going, at 5.45 AM. I ended up in the lake, then the sauna, and then here in the lobby of the arena uploading photos. Why? I guess I’m still a bit drunk.

Oh, at some point there was a tango band in the bar, a fire jam session, and Rumpole began a 26 hour show.