Pola one, Luke a million. Pola wins.

A few weeks ago (Monday, March 3rd) I mentioned that Pola and I “made” a table tennis table for our living room. It isn’t ONLY for table tennis, as we also use it for larger dinner/breakfast gatherings and for large art projects. But table tennis is, by far, what it is used for the most.

Since then we’ve been spending between half an hour to an hour every day tapping a ball back and forth. It’s a productivity vortex, but we have good conversations as we are playing. At the end of each session we play, on average, three or four 11 point games. I always win. Until the our eighth game today, when my concentration lapsed and Pola beat me 11 to 8. Cue lots of dancing and screaming and “I said whoever won that game wins them all, so I’m the overall champion!”

Tomorrow I’ll start putting spin on my returns. That’ll teach her.

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