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Challenge: 100 seven ball flashes in a row

Matthew Tiffany asked: “What is more difficult to achieve… 700 catches of 7 balls, Or 100 flashes of 7 balls in a row?” Here is an unedited video of my first attempt at part two of this challenge with numbers … Continue reading

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Spring Injuries 2014

In March I was moving a bounce juggling table (a massive slab of marble attached to a big bit of wood) in my cellar. I leant it up against a wall, turned my back on it, and it fell over. … Continue reading

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How Romantimatic

I read a blog post by Greg Knauss, the creator of an iPhone app called Romantimatic, an app “to remind the distracted or forgetful to text nice things to their significant other”. Sounds like a cool app, right? The blog … Continue reading

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Robot Table Tennis

Robots playing table tennis is obviously a hot topic of research at the moment. I thought we were going to have an IBM Deep Blue/Watson moment when I saw the trailer for a match between Timo Boll and high precision … Continue reading

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Cats and Cars – Strip Search #ElimComic

Elimination home challenge! The topics were cats and cars. My comic depends on knowing Transformers characters, but I’m not sure that’s a problem for anything published on this geeky little backwater of the internet. While I’m not sure my comic … Continue reading

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