Paintings from 5 years ago

So, about 5 years ago, when I first moved to Berlin, I thought I’d have a go at painting, mainly because my then girlfriend was an artist, and she had all the paints. I decided to try to create a new style of painting on my first two attempts, to do something I’d not seen before. I failed, but kept the paintings. I’ve not done any more painting since then.

But I just found the paintings again, and decided to share them here.

Attempt 1 – “Admit One”

Attempt 2 – “Untitled”

The first piece is painted on a found piece of layered posters, ripped from a wall. I think it was a message to the world of art, saying I wanted in, and also some kind of pun on self awareness. Funny how the world of art is represented by the edge of a red block, just poking in the edge of the painting. I’ve no idea why I did that now.

The second painting is about how you can’t see who or what is relying on you, or how much stress you might be under, because it is so close. And yet those around you can see it all too clearly.

As you can see, I wasn’t exactly subtle with my art. Then again, I’m not exactly subtle with my song lyrics either, and people seem to like those.

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