Juggling in Brazil

Here are some clips from my latest trip, sailing up the Amazon. First, I juggled on either side of the equator, near the city of Macapa.

The middle part is from a stop at a small village, and I put on an impromptu show for all the kids, which lasted way longer than I show here. If I’d have known all the kids were there I’d have taken my diabolo and done more of a street show.

The last part is from a piranha fishing trip I took with the crew of the Prinsendam. It’s not actually on the Amazon proper, but a small tributary near Santarem.

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  1. Anthony

    on 2011/03/29 at 13:22 -

    Wow…just stumbled across your blog looking for advice on how much daily practice to put into juggling if I want to become good. Found myself totally captivated with all your posts videos etc….AWESOME!!

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