Take Me To Zanzibar – International Juggler 2011

Here’s a video I play during my stage show, and I play along with piano and sing too. It’s the best footage I’ve got of me juggling around the world from February 2009 to January 2011.

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2 Responses to Take Me To Zanzibar – International Juggler 2011

  1. Tricia Danielson says:

    Wow, Luke. You are one amazing guy. Juggler, pianist, composer, lyricist…
    Great video, thanks for sharing it with us.

    –Tricia (Scott’s wife)

  2. Five says:


    This video is trebly impressive:

    1. JUGGLE: I used to juggle quite a bit myself, and have even attended a convention or two (including an IJA fest in Grenoble, France – which is waaaaay across the pond for me in California), but you had me beat from frame one with your Rock Solid Five. Either that, or you carried dozens of spares! Balls, clubs, rings (tennis ball/can!) – did you have any room in your bag for non-prop items like socks and toothpaste?

    2. TRAVEL: Even more impressive than the juggling. And again, you have me beat. I traveled to all 7 continents back in the 90’s, but visited only 50 countries, while you apparently managed to hit 70 in just 2 years time. Dude, SLOW DOWN! You still have 50 years ahead of you! What’s left? 7 clubs on the moon??

    3. MUSIC: I usually find the background music in videos like this to be at best tolerable and at worst grating, but your original composition and performance was both energetic and clever. Kudos! The Triple Crown is complete!

    Actually, let me add a BONUS COMPLIMENT:

    4. VIDEO: I’ve worked a bit in Hollywood, so maybe it will give a little more weight to the “attaboy” when I say, your video itself was very well done: Well shot, well edited. Nicely composed, perfectly paced. In other words, one more thing for me to be jealous of!

    And now the bad news…

    How will you EVER top this?

    Well, here’s hoping you do, and

    No drops!


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