Berlin 2011 Fight Night!

I took part in the Berlin Juggling Convention 2011 Fight Night. It’s a three club combat one-on-one knockout tournament. After chatting with a friend about my history at the event, I worked out I’d been in the final in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, winning in 2008 and taking second place the rest of the time. Against Flo I have a 50-50 win-lose ratio (roughly) and against Jochen (JJ) I have yet to EVER win a game in ANY round. The only times I’ve won a Fight Night with JJ, Flo beat him in the semi-final, and I beat Flo in the final.

This year JJ wasn’t in Berlin for the convention, and Alex was out due to injury. That meant Flo and I ended up in the final together. Who won? Watch the video to find out!

On a hard drive somewhere I have the entire Fight Night at the Karlsruhe 2008 EJC. I should put up the highlights from that event when I find the time!

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