Fight Night 2005 – Luke vs Luke – aka my “Rocky” act.

An old routine from 2005! I was asked to be the final act at the Nottingham Juggling Convention that year, on the account that I did “something new, something clever, or something funny.” Over the course of about four days I made the entire video above, plus the Luke passing with Luke video, PLUS a whole new video for my “3 ball and video” routine.

This Rocky act was a lot of fun to make. I’d thought about it for a long time, so once I got going it didn’t take long. Thanks to my mother for helping out with the camera work.

I performed this act four or five times in 2005, and it remains the only act I’ve ever performed without dropping even once. It helps that all I do is shuffle about while juggling 3 clubs, but the pressure is there. If I made one drop, the entire routine is spoiled.

I’ve not performed it since 2005, and never got round to sharing it. I had three versions on video, but one was unusable in any form. Due to technical problems, the sound from the Berlin Juggling Convention Gala Show 2005 was unusable, but the video looked good. And then the sound from the RIT Juggling Festival 2005 Gala Show video was good, but the video unwatchable due to overexposure of the video screen.

So I combined the original montage video file, the stage act and some sound from Berlin and the sound from RIT together into one video. Hopefully you didn’t notice!

Who knows, maybe I’ll perform this live again some day, but it depends if I’m invited to do so at a juggling convention.

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