Travel photo blog scheduling meta post

I decided to check through my 2010 to 2011 travel photography collection as I want to publish everything I’ve not shared yet to my blog. It turns out I have waaaaay more photos to share than I ever imagined. I’ve shared some on Facebook before, but even then I’ve got folder after folder of images nobody else has seen, in some cases for almost two years.

So I’m going to clear the backlog! To do so I’m going to schedule one blog post per day. This means that in the coming months I’m going to publish content here than ever before.

But I don’t want the blog to get boring, and consist of nothing but travel photography. Some people do a 365 project, where they take one photo and share it every day, in an effort to take more photos and get better at photography. I have very little problem getting motivated to take more photos! If anything, this project will end up with me sharing way too many photos. Any long-time subscriber will know my photo blog posts usually consist of 10 to 30 images from the same location, and are mostly for my own benefit, for me to remember the things I did and saw on that trip. Who am I kidding? There’s often way more than 30 photos.

My plan is to do a travel photo blog post every other day. On the other days I’ll share something else, be it a juggling video, an essay, a review, some creative writing, a tutorial, a meta-blog post like this one about the blog. I’ll also make an effort to share some more music. I’m constantly writing and practicing music, probably as much as I practice juggling, and spend more time and effort on it than photography and writing. Why not put it out there?

So the challenge is there! A daily blog post of creative output. Or at least one photo blog every other day.

Of course, I’m going to Africa in March and April for five weeks, and will have to schedule 37 days of blog posts in advance. As it happens, with the travel-photos-every-other-day idea I already have half the blog posts planned. When I get back from Africa I’ll have another huge load of photos and stories to share, but might turn down the fire hose in terms of number of photos per day. Will I have the self control to only share five photos per day and not 20?

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