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Lego Me!

Someone made a Lego… me! How awesome is this? Jesse, who I know via the SFFaudio podcast made it, based on my Work It Out Yourself video: Although the hat comes from an image on my website:

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Africa trip route map

I’m going on a five week vacation to Africa! Normally it annoys me when people refer to a place or thing in Africa as simply “in Africa”. For example, where is Kilamanjaro? It’s actually in a specific country. People seem … Continue reading

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Travel photo blog scheduling meta post

I decided to check through my 2010 to 2011 travel photography collection as I want to publish everything I’ve not shared yet to my blog. It turns out I have waaaaay more photos to share than I ever imagined. I’ve … Continue reading

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Burnie, Tasmania

I’ve written a new script that automagically compiles a blog post out of a folder of images using EXIF data. It took about an hour longer than I thought it would due to Lightroom 3 not using standard EXIF fields … Continue reading

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2011 end of year blog thing

I have a few hours free this afternoon, so I thought I’d do an “end of 2011 look-back review type thing” blog post. I did a whole series of blog posts for the end of 2010, looking at the goals … Continue reading

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