Dinosaur Roller Skates – Strip Search #ElimComic

I spent only 25 minutes drawing this, with one attempt at each drawing only. It took me longer to scan each piece of paper and arrange it into a singe image.

For confused readers, you need to keep up with Strip Search, the web comic artist reality talent show. Every week two of the artists face each other in a head to head challenge. They each have to draw a comic strip in 90 minutes, based on the combination of two randomly drawn words, with the loser going home and the winner staying in the contest to win the big prize. Viewers at home are encouraged to do the challenge themselves. This week the words were Dinosaur and Roller Skates.

You can compare my attempt to the winning strip:

And other home challengers:

My favourite among the entries I’ve seen so far, from cakeburger.com:

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