Cats and Cars – Strip Search #ElimComic

Elimination home challenge!

The topics were cats and cars. My comic depends on knowing Transformers characters, but I’m not sure that’s a problem for anything published on this geeky little backwater of the internet. While I’m not sure my comic is funny, at least most people will get the joke.

And learning from last week’s attempt (which probably didn’t need the middle panel, the one which kinda spoiled the joke in advance), I decided to not include an extra panel at the end, about a “fur ball” containing bits of cars, and Megatron getting angry about it. Opening with the Bumblebee pun, and having the Decepticat’s name as Snowflake, is funny enough. The start of the unused panel:

Yet again the drawing took only a few minutes, but scanning and other shit made the whole thing take about 45 minutes. If I had art skills, I’d spend more time on it, but after about 10 minutes on drawing I hit the my limit of making any picture better.

For confused readers, you need to keep up with Strip Search, the web comic artist reality talent show. Every week two of the artists face each other in a head to head challenge. They each have to draw a comic strip in 90 minutes, based on the combination of two randomly drawn words, with the loser going home and the winner staying in the contest to win the big prize. Viewers at home are encouraged to do the challenge themselves.

Here are some other home elimination challenge entries I like:

By Blake Blue – @photoroller on twitter

By Alicia S – @superpuzzled on twitter

Disappointingly, almost every other comic is a variation on two or three basic jokes:

1. A cat is driving a car… and cat’s cant drive cars!

2. Someone else is driving a car… and they had an accident involving one or more cats!

3. A car that looks like a cat is funny!

This wouldn’t be a problem if I found these jokes inherently funny. Unfortunately for Tavis (spoilers!), Mike and Jerry didn’t find the idea of traffic accidents involving cats inherently funny either.

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