Nürnberg 2013 Fight Night Final

A late night impromptu Fight Night at the 2013 Nürnberger Jonglierconvention resulted in a final showdown between Luke Burrage and Matty Schneider.

Luke defeated Matty in the final of Berlin 2012, but Matty had his revenge, knocking Luke out in the round of 8 in Berlin 2013. Who would come out on top this time?

The final match wasn’t the greatest fight by any means, with stupid drops by Luke and Matty bouncing his club off the ceiling and the dangling hoops.

Daniel Ledel placed third and Martin Lindenfelser fourth. Knocked out in the round of 8 were Markus Furtner (playing with two devilsticks), Philip “Niggl”, Tobias Horstmann and Niklas Aumüller.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

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