Tropical Islands Invasion 2014 Fight Night video and results

The Tropical Islands Invasion 2014 Fight Night took place on the 1st of March. It was a 250 point event (for player rankings purposes), 14 jugglers entered the qualification stage, and 8 took part in the knockout rounds.

Here’s a video with every point from part way through the first semi-final to the end of the final:

Watched the video? Now check out the full results and details on Fight Night Beta.

Also congratulations to Kai Pophraski for winning the Juggling On Ice 2014 Fight Night (and 125 points) and to Brook Roberts for beating Dave Leahy in the final match to win the Chocfest 2014 Fight Night (and 250 points).

The next Fight Night will take place on Saturday 12th of April at the British Juggling Convention 2014. There will a full qualification process, and the tournament will be worth 500 points for the winner.

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