The Art of Juggling – solo street show version premiere

I’m going to be performing at some street show festivals this year, so got out the old Art of Juggling gear and put together a solo version. It was a lot of fun! The old version had two people, me and Pola, with one person doing the juggling and the other person doing the painting. Now I had to learn both parts and fit them together in a way that makes sense, has a logical progression, and tells a story.

Here is a video of my first ever performance of the new act, performed in my own home at the Open Stage in the Living Room in May 2014.

The Art of Juggling – solo street show version premiere from luke burrage on Vimeo.

The full street show will start with a 10 minute diabolo section, move on to the act as performed above, up until the knives come out. Then the music will stop and I’ll perform my standard rola bola knife juggling routine, which is another 10 minutes of comedy and audience participation, rather than just the trick as presented.

A higher quality video is available via YouTube, but it is blocked in many countries due to music rights issues.

And here is the original street show version featured me and Pola.

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