Berlin 2014 Fight Night

For the 10th year in a row, the Berlin Juggling Convention has hosted a Fight Night tournament. This year 28 jugglers took part, either in qualification or in the knockout rounds. Due to the more rigorous qualification process, along with the size of the tournament and its position as the second most prestigious event, the points value was bumped up from 500 in 2013 to 750 this time round.

Who won?

Watch this video to see Eóin Allan and Jochen Pfeiffer battle it out in the epic final match. Eóin beat Jochen in qualification… did he get a repeat victory in the final?

Congratulations to the two finalists, also Rufus Oelkers for taking third place and Fabio Zimmerman for coming in fourth.

All the other results and details can be found on the Berlin 2014 page on Fight Night (Beta).

The next Fight Night will be at the EJC 2014 in Millstreet, Ireland, will have a full round-robin qualification and be worth 1000 ranking points for the winner. Eoin and Jochen will be back, but so will many, many others who will do their best to stop them reaching the final.

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