Funny? Or just stupid? You decide!

Yesterday, as I waited for a song before starting some writing, I became obsessed with my own reflection distorted on the back of the iPod. I thought it was highly amusing, and decided to capture it on video.

I thought the video was hilarious, but maybe only because I made it. I decided to show it to Pola first, before uploading it. She liked it, so I posted it to YouTube.

So far I’ve had good responses, and when I showed it to friends at a dinner party tonight they all enjoyed it too.

What do you think?

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  1. William

    on 2009/05/25 at 00:03 -

    You have a lot of creative energy. This was hilarious.

  2. Mum + DAd

    on 2009/05/29 at 16:54 -

    a mixture of Spock and Pinqui. We are off to Tuekey on June 6th

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