Luke is Vlogging: Beatmap 101

Rule 1:
Every hand (manipulator) is notated on every beat.

Rule 2:
If an object is in a hand, it must be notated. If an object is not notated, it must be out of a hand.

Rule 3:
A letter after a number means that object is going to be in a different hand next time it is notated.

Assumption 1:
Beats are equally spaced in time.

Assumption 2:
Patterns loop. If not, extra syntax is needed.

Assumption 3:
Sets of hands can be separated by different punctuation, with “x” being used to direct an object to “the other hand in the pair”.

Assumption 4:
An asterisk/star (*) after a pattern means “do that again but with the values swapped to the other hands in the pair”.

Other fun number tricks, punctuation/syntax, and shortcuts will be shared in the next videos.

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