Brunn Finish Combination Trick Through The Years

An exhaustive (but not comprehensive) look at historic footage of the Brunn Finish Combination Trick and those who have performed their own variations.

Thanks to David Cain for providing the following videos:

Freddy Kenton

Johnny Joannides

See Johnny Joannides’ arm cuff for ball spinning here:

Other videos can be found by following these links:

Francis Brunn, 1947

Francis Brunn, 1948

Acrobaties dans Moulin Rouge 1950

Francis Brunn, 1955

Toni Wells, 1955

Francis Brunn, 1955

Sergio Chiesa, 1950’s

Ernest Montego, 1957

Ernest Montego, 1957

Italo Medini, 1958

Ernest Montego, 1958

Francis Brunn, 1959

Francis Brunn, 1961

Ernest Montego, 1962

Lottie Brunn, 1963

Francis Brunn, 1963

Francis Brunn, 1964

Francis Brunn, 1964

Lottie Brunn, 1967

Ernest Montego, 1968

Francis Brunn, 1969

Francis Brunn, 1969

Alberto Sforzi, 1970’s

Martin Lamberti, 1975

Ernest Montego (not all these clips were included):

Albert Lucas, 1970’s

Sollveno, 1979

Steve Bor, 1980

Steve Bor, 1985

Michael Chirrick, 1992

Michael Chirrick, 1993

Matthew Tiffany, 2016

Edgar Mondragón, 2016

See also:

Luke Burrage, 2017

Michael Chirrick, 2009 Practice Video

Another Edgar Mondragón video:

David Cain, 2014

(not included due to only performing with eight props and with no balancing involved)

Ursula Lauppe

(not included due to bad quality footage, and it’s unclear how many props are used)

Sorin Munteanu

(lots of spinning and ring whirling, but no balancing or juggling)

Chris Holt
(balls spinning, juggling and ring whirling but no balancing and just not enough props)

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