Friday Night Party Line

I’ve been a co-host on the Friday Night Party Line podcast three times now. Follow that link and see episodes 37, 38 and 39.

The iTunes description for this show is “Smart guests. Eclectic topics. Really, anything is fair game.” The idea is that Thaed, the moderator, invites a different panel of interesting people to talk about various topics. The range of guests is very impressive, including lawyers, economists, technology experts, IT professionals, theoretical physicists, professional bloggers, artists and much more. The topics usually revolve around something technological, something societal, something philosophical or something silly. One minute the topic will be “What kind of pen do you use?” and it’ll be followed by a massive discussion on artificial intelligence (with an AI and machine learning PHD student leading the way).

It’s one of my favourite podcasts (though early episodes were a bit slow), and I have a lot of fun every time I take part in a recording session.

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