My own podcasts 2: The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast

As well as a podcast about juggling, I do a show where I review every science fiction book I read, whenever I finish reading it. Here’s a review from SFX Magazine, March 2009 edition, page 130, ‘KNEEL BEFORE POD: Free podcasts rated’:

“Science Fiction Book Review Podcast –

Four stars out of five.

The set-up is as no-frills as the title – Berlin-based SF fan Luke Burrage reads a sci-fi book, and then talks about it – but while some literary podcasts can be dreary, Burrage is an enthusiastic motormouth with an infectious love of the genre. His tastes are varied, and even if you don’t agree with all of his opinions, they’re still fun to listen to.”

A nice review that seems to hit on all the things I aim for with this podcast. The podcast itself has been an amazing success. The listener numbers aren’t huge, but the feedback I get is really good, and I’m constantly getting really great book suggestions from the listeners.

You can find the SFBRP website here, and a lot more information on the SFBP Wiki.

I’ll be posting here each time I upload a new podcast, but I’ll link to the website, not directly to the mp3 file itself.

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