Art of Juggling streetshow segment, September 2009

Pola and I are still rocking out with the Art of Juggling show, and here is our street show festival version:

There is a long setup, but it’s more of a character thing with some juggling (a cool balance trick) and a lot of hype to set up the grand finale of the entire show. This video shows the unique part of our show that the audience loves.

Ok, the “passing clubs around small children” is in no way unique, as I lifted it as a whole from Haggis and Charlie’s show (or, to put it another way, when I replaced Haggis in the show for a festival, Charlie taught me the salient parts) but it fits really nicely here.

And yes, I do perform 5 club backcrosses and 6 clubs in the show. Too hard, I know! In the theater version of the act we do a lot less talking, and the final trick is an awesome colour change trick with 5 rings that we’ve performed for 3 years now and never got round to filming.

One last note: my camera is broken, and every few minutes it starts zooming in by itself! Our volunteer cameraman worked out what was happening, but it still looks a bit weird.

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