Diabolo Routine, September 2009

For ease of sharing I uploaded a video of my diabolo routine, as performed at the Schmidt’s Midnight Variete in Hamburg a few weeks ago. This doesn’t contain any mindblowing tricks, nor is there anything special about the performance, it’s just what I do on stage with diabolo, the act pretty much unchanged for the past 4 or 5 years. Check it out:

Some more info:
– I typically do this act with a spoken introduction as part of a longer show, either my theater show or as a street show. Not only do I introduce the act beforehand, but I make comments throughout the entire thing, and for the big trick at the end I do a long but fast-paced explanation. Here I arrive on stage, and have to win the audience over purely by my tricks.
– The above reason is why I’ve shared this version of the act, and not the many other times I’ve captured it on film, because it stands alone.
– I once had a 2 diabolo section at the end, but replaced it with the final trick you see here. This is much easier for me.
– I normally do the routine dropless; the drop of the finale trick is completely intentional.
– I hold the final pose as long as possible. This is a good demonstration of what you can do by taking complete control of the audience. As long I do the correct setup, either with or without speaking, they will continue their applause as long as I keep my diabolo in the air.
– There are a few original tricks in the routine, but a lot of standards. Just goes to show that to make a living with juggling, you don’t have to be at the highest level, but you must be GOOD at what you AIM to do.

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