Yanartas (Mount Chimaera)

Sunday was the last official day of the Turkish juggling convention, even though there are still dozens of people hanging out here on Monday. People made lots of plans to do workshops and other events, but of course most people slept in, then couldn’t be bothered to to anything.

I was one of those people.

So, instead of writing about how nobody juggled, look at this picture of a man and his parrot:

In the evening I took a taxi with Asli to a place called Yanartas, the presumed site of Mount Chimaera. Across parts of the hillside, methane gas vents directly into the air, and burns continuously. It’s one of those places that just looks wrong! No wonder it was the basis of many myths and stories.

I’ve decided to try out some HDR photography, and will process the images below when I get the right software (or find the right software already installed on my laptop). For now, quite a few of these are just the best exposure of three of the same shot… well, I’ll post the final results if they look any good.

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  1. dad says:

    A cool place to be.

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