Photo: self portrait experiment

In Buenos Aires I walked past this (I think) university building. I became slightly obsessed with the red and white stones in the gravel. This photo was taken with the camera literally resting on the ground.

HDR Self Portrait

This is a three exposure HDR photo, something I’ve not used yet with a human in the frame. Normally the idea is to make sure nothing is moving, as you get a fading effect. You can, of course, use a long exposure to makes sure moving subjects disappear completely. Here I set the timer, got into position, and kept as still as possible. The focus is slightly off, but otherwise I’m happy with the picture.

Today I’m in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, a city that exists purely for the seals and whales and walruses and penguins. I have four hours to fill, so I hope to see at least two kinds of large sea mammal/bird.

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