A walk in Puerto Madryn

Today the ship stopped in Puerto Madryn, Argentina. The only reason it calls at this port is because the area is swarming with sea lions, penguins, whales, dolphins and walruses. I wanted to go on a day-long trip to see some of these animals, but I had to stay on board for a crew boat drill. Once it had finished I didn’t have a lot of time, and the only place close enough to see a large collection of wildlife is a place I’ve visited before. Oh well, I’ll be back in a few weeks time, and I plan to get off the ship as early as possible.

In the end I took a long walk along the beach, camera in hand all the way. Here are some photos from today…

A sea lion:

Looking back at the Norwegian Sun, my home for four weeks:

Others walking on the beach:

I took photos of non-ladies on the beach too, but meanwhile:

A bike and a ship:

Working with nets:

This dog followed me for many miles of my walk. Later the dog patrol tried to catch him:

A sea lion on the pier:

As I framed the sea lion for a closeup, it shed a single, tiny, milky tear. So cute!

I’ll post more photos tomorrow…

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