Hanging my own photos on the wall – part 1: indecision

I want to hang some of my photos on the walls of my dining room. There’s space for four large prints, plus two or three smaller prints. My problem is that I take loads of photos, and picking six or seven to hang on the wall is really hard.

A few months ago I decided to print out the full set of my “Best of 2009” photos, to see which images look good on paper rather than on screen. An LCD is illuminated from behind, so the pictures have a completely different quality. Dark images with small amounts of colour really pop out. When printed I discovered these ones don’t look great. Alternatively, some photos which look just okay on screen look much better when printed.

So as not to waste all the photos I’d printed, I mounted them all in the frames I’d bought for the final large prints. I liked the look, so I’ve printed out another two sets of photos after other trips this year, and today I mixed them up for a total of four photo collages.

I’m planning to decorate this room in a few months. Hopefully by then I’ll have decided which of the 150 photos I want to embiggen. If you’ve particularly liked any of the photos I’ve shared on my blog, and think it would look good on my wall, leave a comment or send an email to luke@juggler.net.

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