“This (new song for May)” – a new song for May

Edit: I think youtube converted the bitrate of the music in this video badly, and the sound suffers. Next time I’ll upload a 41,000 video instead of a 48,000 video.

In my list of 50 goals and plans for 2010 I wrote “6.1 Write an album’s-worth of new songs and record them by the end of the year” which I’m interpreting as one song per month.

On Thursday night I started writing this song, and came up with the chords and melody. I had no clue what the song would be about, so I filled in a few lines with “The chorus is the inverse of the verse” and “The middle eight at first seems unique.” Then I went to sleep, and woke up on Friday with the thought, “I’m going to write the entire song about itself.”

So I did. I named it “This”, probably the most self-referential name for anything, with the subtitle “new song for May”, which it also is, and is also a line in the song too.

I decided to record this one properly, instead of just playing it on the guitar or piano. Because it’s a song about writing a pop song, I went for a quite modern pop production, with full auto-tune and dance beats. It took about 3 hours on Friday evening, when I could have been doing something more important, but I really like the end result. Maybe I’ll actually write some real words for the song, but I doubt it.

And today I went for yet another cycle around the old airport, so thought I might as well include a 2050m bike ride video as the official music video.


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