25 expressions

Someone posted this sheet to a discussion forum I frequent. It’s full of arty types, so this kind of challenge brings out all kinds of fun stuff.

Here’s Adam’s submission:

Here’s mine. I made the joke before anyone else:

Rym wins, with this topical entry:

I had to put earphones in an listen to something else while watching the Germany v Australia game, just to blot out the noise of those damn vuvuzela. The England USA game was bearable, because I watched in a full theater, and we made our own noise. But vuvuzela result in zero atmosphere inside the stadium, as portrayed on TV, and means I’m probably not going to watch another game unless I can turn the sound off.

Also, here’s a vuvuzela’s take on the world cup.

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  1. Lifehacker posted an exelent articel of how to silence the vuvuzela horns ;) http://lifehacker.com/5564085/how-to-silence-vuvuzela-horns-with-an-eq-filter

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