Combat injuries

Normally a 3 club combat injury, for me, is something like the following. This red mark on my arm is from someone (Jochen) hitting really hard, but catching me by surprise. Normally I can see an attack coming, and don’t get hurt, but Jochen’s attack, which caused this bruise a few weeks ago, was directed at an empty hand. If your hand is empty, you don’t expect someone to swipe at the club not in it.

Last night, during a really fun game of team combat, Alex grabbed a club as it hit my face. And cut me in two places! I kept playing, and it felt really weird, as though blood was dripping into my eye at all times.

The normal comment about fight injuries is “You should have seen the other guy!” Of course, the better you are at playing combat, the less likely you are to cause any injuries. It’s about attacking the weapon of the other person, not their body, and so is pretty unique as a martial art.


You can follow along with my continuing combat injuries in this Facebook album.

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