EJC 2010 day 5 – Wednesday 28th July

Instead of going straight to bed, I stayed up playing combat, then chatting, and then uploaded my photos. By that time I decided to see the end of Rumpole’s 26 hour show. I realize that means there are photos of his show over three days on my convention coverage!

Next: Open stage technical setup. No stress. Luke Wilson is cool.

Next: Massage. Good stuff.

Next: Special show from Shake That. I only caught the end of it due to my massage.

Next: Finish Youth Circus. I didn’t see any more than a few photo’s worth.

Next: Pizza!

Next: Running Open stage. Pretty weird selection of acts, but zero stress. Eric and Komei rocked it!

Next: Hanging out. Renegade for a few minutes. Then more hanging out. Until 6am. Damn!

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