EJC 2010 day 7 – Friday 30th July

Friday. My last day of organizing the open stage shows.

Question of the afternoon. I needed sleep. Should I sleep through the games or the RDL show? I chose to watch the games, but regretted it. Worst EJC games in 10 years!!!

Although reports from the RDL show indicate I might have fallen asleep during the RDL show anyway.

After the open stage, I had no responsibilities until going home, so I pulled out all the stops for dancing and partying.

The party moved to the hill, and Declan ran a spontaneous renegade show that resulted in Luke drinking too much rum and tequila!

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  1. Veikko says:


    I’m sad to hear that the games sucked; what was wrong? I’ll be collecting feedback and would like to hear your thoughts.

    I hope your safely back home and enjoyed the convention in general :)

    – Veikko

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