Promo shots

Matthew McGurk

Matthew McGurk

On my last cruise I met Matthew, a magician from the UK. His promo image was good, but he looked rough. Intentionally rough, with stubble and scruffy hair. Good for some gigs, but to cruise clientele it might seem a bit too rough. I offered to come along to his technical run and snap some photos, to see if I could better capture his current image. I had no control over the lighting, and no time to make him pose past saying “Look at me… now!” CLICK. But I think I got a few good photos. The best is the one above, even though it could be sharper and a bit less blue. The full selection of passable attempts is here.

Travel videos

When I travel I don’t only take my Canon DSLR, but a little Canon video camera too. The video quality isn’t great, but it suits my projects fine. I have a year-long video project on the go at the moment. It is looking really good so far, as is the “making of” documentary I’m making alongside it. But of course it won’t be ready until this time next year.

Meanwhile, here are two recent videos that I’ve posted on youtube:

” Pola and I went wave spotting again today. We found some big ones.”

“Luke talks about packing his bags before flying to a gig.”

Travel photography

Luke Jumping in Portugal

Luke Jumping in Portugal

Every time I upload a new album of travel photos I’ll post the link here. They’ll be in one or both of two places:

I have loads of photos hosted on this website: These are sorted first by continent, then by country, then by city or visit. Also you can find the International Mugshots Gallery which consists of Pola and I taking the same photo of ourselves pretty much everywhere we visit.

I also put some recent albums on including photos from my trips to Africa and Portugal, and a day with Pola on the beach.

Pola on the beach.

Pola on the beach.

Trip maps

I travel a lot as a professional juggler, and as of this year I’ve visited every continent. If you want to see all (or most of) the places I’ve visited, I keep track using the footprints feature at


I’m also trying out a service at that lets you record and share your trips, so I’ve loaded up my next trip to South America:

I’ve been to all these destinations before (I’ve been to Buenos Aires and Montevideo more times than I care to count) but I’m looking forward to revisiting them all. For example, I’ve been to see the Magellanic Penguins and the Rock Hopper Penguins on the Falkland Islands, but not the King Penguin rookery.

On my trips page you can also find the route of my last trip which took me to East Africa, and earlier interesting trip routes. Eg. Pola and I went to Antarctica, and you can see exactly where we visited here:


Testing, testing…

Yup, everything seems to be working. Now I’ll make one post per topic to bring everyone up to speed on my life in 2009.