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Skjève 2014 Fight Night

Iver Roar Tronstad did it again! This time he won the Skjève 2014 Fight Night in Belgium, beating Simon À Campo 5-2 in the final. The 250 points means he has secured 2nd place in the 2014 rankings. With only … Continue reading

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Luke vs Luke 2014

Also on vimeo and It’s been two years since Luke Wilson died. I wrote about it at the time, but I also fell sideways into doing something more than writing. There are some tricks or sequences that I really … Continue reading

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Melbourne 2014 Fight Night

Congratulations to Byron Hutton on taking first place in the first Melbourne Fight Night! He wins 250 rankings points and enters the rankings at 16th place. 1st place: Byron Hutton 2nd place: Toby Dunan 3rd place: Hazel Bock 4th place: … Continue reading

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Karlsruhe 2014 Fight Night results

Thanks to Maarten Wils for organizing the Karlsruhe 2014 Fight Night! In its second year, this 500 point tournament upgraded to a full round-robin qualification (last year: open group combat qualification). Alexander Müller was seeded first, having beaten Jochen Pfeiffer … Continue reading

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